How to Fix Outlook Mac 2011 Error Code 3259?

Outlook Error Code 3259 for Mac 2011 is an error which occurs when the attempts of the users to send the emails have become fouled. Consequently, an error message as “An operation on the server timed out” will appear on your Windows system. Outlook Mac 2011 is an upgraded version of Entourage 2008, which generally occurs due to the unresponsive server and high internet traffic. This problem can become a mammoth technical issue and subsequently, it may exist on your system on the permanent basis. Therefore, there is a quick need to solve this problem instantly with the professional help. If you have a slight technical knowledge, then you can solve it by following the steps which are given in this blog. Besides, we will discuss the main causes and symptoms of this glitch.

Outlook Error Code 3259

Main Causes of Outlook Error code 3259

Although there are several factors which are responsible for the appearance of this Outlook email error 3259 on your PC and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Your server is not responsive to your system or this software
  • Congested internet traffic can be another problem behind the occurrence of this issue.
  • Incorrect configuration process of POP3 settings
  • The internet connection is not proper and appropriate

Troubles Faced by Outlook Mac 2011 Users

  • When Outlook Error code 3259 occurs on your system, it blocks the entire system of communication.
  • Users become unable to send or receive any emails or messages
  • This error can create server timed out situation, which results in the blockage of further way of communication of the emails between server and client

Steps to Fix Outlook Mac 2011 Error Code 3259

  • Check the internet connection in a straightforward manner
  • Enter correct username and password
  • Re-configure the settings of POP3 of your Outlook Mac account with the following steps.
  • Open Mac Outlook application
  • Select the MSN or account by hitting the Tools button
  • Type on the incoming server box
  • Then, change the port number to 995 port
  • Enter in the outgoing server box
  • Replace the port number to 587
  • Click on More Options
  • Go to the Authentication tab
  • Select Use Incoming Server Info
  • Then, exit from this application and reboot the Mac Outlook

These steps will surely help you to sort out this technical error. However, if you find any trouble in following these steps, then you are free to contact us by dialing our toll-free Outlook Email Support Number.