How to Fix Outlook Error code 701?

The Microsoft Outlook email application plays a leading role in email sector for users, to help them in sending and receiving e-mails. However, users may often encounter error messages while using the Outlook email account and one among them is the Fix Outlook Error code 701. This error is faced by most of the users while installing, updating, downloading, closing, opening, receiving, sending, copying, and pasting, etc.

How to Fix Outlook Error code 701?

Outlook Error code 701

The topmost reason behind this error to occur is due to various reasons that include Incorrect Outlook account settings, Malfunctioning of Operating system, Due to corrupt PST file, Internet connection, Network Settings and Firewall Configuration issues.

Steps to fix the Outlook error code 701:-

Step1: – Try to Check the Network Settings
  • First of all, check the internet connection setting and ensure that the system is properly connected to the network.
Step2: – Configuration of the Firewall
  • Users should try to install the Windows Firewall program because it may also be the biggest cause of this Outlook error. This may even block the Outlook application due to a safety issue.
Step 3: – Check Account Settings
  • Users need to verify the setting of their Outlook account. May be this issue occurs due to improper setting.
Step 4: – Reinstall the MS Office
  • Users are advised to reinstall their MS office. For this, they first need to uninstall the old Microsoft Office application and then need to perform the reinstallation method.
How to uninstall the old Microsoft Office application:-
Follow these steps to uninstall application:-
  • Go to “Start’ button on your system, and then go to “Control Panel”.
  • Select “Add/Remove” program.
  • Then find there the Microsoft Office in the program list and hit the “Remove” button.
  • Follow up the steps that show on the screen prompts and then again restart the system.
How to Reinstallation Microsoft Office application:-
Follow these given below steps-
  • First, install the Ms Office CD on the system.
  • Then run the setup application and follow all the instructions carefully.
  • Retest for the Outlook error 701 error after the re-installation process is done.

Outlook customer support number

All the above methods will help you to solve Outlook Error code 701 issue immediately. In case, if you have any doubt or problem, get in touch with us our Outlook Customer Support Number 0-800-090-3966 Toll free section for immediate help