How to Fix windows media player error code c00d11b1?

windows media player error code c00d11b1 is caused by Windows Media Player not being able to correctly process a series of files relating to the codec of your system. or the files which the codec requires to run. Most people see this error when they try and stream a video / audio file from the Internet. And consequently are unable to use the application correctly.

windows media player error code c00d11b1

Causes Windows Media Player error code c00d11b1

  • windows media player error code c00d11b1 usually occurs when you attempt to play something using the program
  • It can also happen if you try to stream something from the internet
  • The problem arises when something goes wrong with the codec used or when the codec for the file is the incorrect version
  • Become problematic when they have faulty components. In order to repair the problem

Steps to Fix windows media player error c00d11b1

Step 1 Re-Install Windows Media Player

  • Select Safe Mode from the menu and then press Enter.
  • Go to Start and then select Run.
  • Type the following in the run box: ?appwiz.cpl? and then press OK.
  • Select the Windows Media Player Program and then select Remover.

Step 2 Ensure The Proxy Settings For Windows Media Player Are Correct

Step 3 Disable The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Of Windows Media Player

Step 4 Clean Out The Registry

After following the above steps, you will solve your media player error in windows computer. If facing any problem then contact Windows Media Player Support Phone Number for instant help and support