How to Fix Virgin Media Server Error 453?

Virgin Media Server Error 453 generally generates when your attempts to send the emails from Windows Live Mail become failed. This error may occur due to an incorrect configuration of your server and faulty SMTP settings which mainly caused by outdated settings of your email accounts.

This Virgin Media Server Error 453 can prevent you to access your email account in a straightforward way. Consequently, this has become necessary to fix this error on an immediate basis with the help of some important steps mentioned on this blog. Besides, we will discuss root causes and the symptoms of this problem.

Causes of Virgin Media Server Error 453

There is a plenty of reasons which are responsible for the generation of this server error code 453. These reasons are listed below.

  • When you try to send multiple messages to the email recipients, then an error message occurs in a text form as”Server Error: 453 Too Many Recipients (VM502)”.
  • Outdated settings of your email accounts cannot support Virgin Media and become an important cause of this problem.
  • IMAP email account settings can be another reason for the occurrence of this error.
  • This error can also occur because of the limitation of the messages on the number of email recipients set by SMTP server for a day. After this limit is breached, you become unable to send the messages. You can send 100 messages per day via Outlook or Windows Live Mail and 500 messages via webmail.
  • Infected IP address can be the reason the reason for this error
  • You are not having the latest broadband account.
  • When you try to login with invalid password

Symptoms of Virgin Media Server Error 453

  • Problem is still there even after changing the password.
  • You cannot save the settings and send a test mail.
  • Frequent pop-up of error messages with a different email address.
  • Unable to change the password.
  • Spamming of sends emails.
  • Your IP can be blacklisted for infectious reasons.

Steps to Fix Virgin Media Server Error 453

  • Change the password of your email account.
  • Make sure that the settings of the incoming and outgoing server are correct.
  • Try to one mail at a time.
  • Change your account to POP3 to IMAP.
  • Check your IP Address whether it is secured or not.

Virgin Media Server Error 453

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