How to Fix Virgin Media Error v401?

When Virgin Media Error v401 occurs on your screen, you become unable to watch your favorite shows and TV channels. Sometimes, it cannot be fixed even after the restarting your TiVo box and you will not be able to play any programs. This problem may arise due to overcharging and unpaid bills. This problem may occur on the permanent basis if this issue is solved within the time. Virgin Media Error v401 can be solved with the professional help and the steps mentioned on our blog. Simultaneously, we will discuss the main causes and the symptoms behind the occurrence of this issue.

Virgin Media Error v401

Main Causes of Virgin Media Error v401

However, there are several reasons which are responsible for the occurrence of this error. A few of these causes have been described below.

  • Users may face this technical issue due to overcharging of your TiVo box.
  • When users forget to pay their bills, then this results in the occurrence of this error code v401 on your screen.
  • Sometimes, your Ethernet connection does not function properly, which can lead to the generation of this error v401.
  • Incomplete installation of TiVo box settings can also become the fountainhead of this problem.
  • Rupture functioning of your TiVo box can result in the creation of this error with a message “cannot play X, please try again later V401”.
  • This error can also generate when the TiVo boxes are linked via the hub with 2.4 ghz frequency.
  • Issues with your cables can also cause this error v401.

Symptoms of Virgin Media Error v401

  • Cannot play favorite show and TV channels
  • TiVo Box stops working.
  • Continuous occurrence of this error.

Steps to Fix Virgin Media Error v401

  • Changing the frequency of your TiVo box from 2.4 GHZ to 5 GHX.
  • Restarted your box.
  • Check your internet connection
  • Ensures that you have cleared the entire bill
  • Change the settings of your remote devices
  • Reinstall your TiVo box

For more help, you can dial our toll-free Virgin Media Support Number anytime. We would love to hear from you and offer you a complete resolution.