How to Fix Virgin Media Error S102 and S101?

Virgin Media Error S102 and S101 generally occur when there is an incomplete installation of TiVo box and V6 fails to get 100% loading the channel list. As a result, Virgin Media Error S101 and S102 appears on your TV screen even after a hassle-free working of broadband and Wi-Fi connection.

This problem cannot be fixed without any technical help as this error can ping on your screen anytime. Consequently, there is a need to resolve this issue immediately without any delay. Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss the essential steps to fix this issue, its symptoms, and the main causes in detail.

Virgin Media Error S102

Causes of Virgin Media Error S102 & S101

However, there are several factors, which are held responsible for the occurrence of this error and are mentioned below.

  1. Incomplete Installation: The fountainhead of this error code S102 is an incomplete installation of TiVo box and it can only fix by a professional. Users should connect to Virgin Media Customer Service to sort out this problem.
  2. Fluctuating Reboot: The loading of the channel list can stop in the middle and reboot anytime on its own even with a high-speed of the internet connection.
  3. Mismatch Serial Number: When the V6 box sets up at the time of installation, the serial number or Key are provided to the activation center is ideally wrong, which is resulting in an incomplete activation of the box.

Symptoms of Virgin Media Error S102 and S102

Users may experience a plenty of technical glitches due to the appearance of this error.

  • Incomplete loading of the channels list
  • Unable to view favorite channels and TV show
  • Continuous occurrence of this error with a message which displays as Unable to acquire channel information (S102) on the screen.
  • It takes time to resolve this issue completely.

Steps to Fix Virgin Media Error S102

Users, who have even a slight technical knowledge, can fix this issue by following certain simple steps.

  1. Provide correct serial number or Key to the activation center
  2. Install your V6 box in a straightforward way.
  3. Reset and update your box regularly.
  4. Re-activate your box

You can also dial our toll-free Virgin Media Email Customer Service Number for more help without any delay. We will be always available to give a complete resolution.