How to Fix Virgin Media Error C501?

Generally, Virgin Media Error C501 occurs when your attempts to watch the recorded video go in vain, which means that you become unable to view them. You will see blur picture on your screen which can create a big halt in your entertainment. Sometimes, the recordings of your favorite shows and movies get deleted automatically, which means that you will not be able to see them any longer on your TiVo box.

Hence, it has become important to take professional help to sort out this problem without any hassle. In this blog, we will also discuss the essential steps to fix this issue without any technical help.

Virgin Media Error C501

What Happens When Virgin Media Error C501 OCCURS?

When this technical error occurs on your TiVo Box, you will get to see a blur picture on the screen. There will be a slight ghost image or outline which moves around the screen, when you try to watch the recorded videos. You can experience this problem 3-4 times a week, which depicts the fact that it is not a permanent issue. But sometimes, you will find that all your recordings have been deleted and disappeared without your knowledge and you Get Virgin Media Error C501 when you try to restore anything on your TiVo box.

Causes of Virgin Media Error C501

You may encounter this problem due to several reasons, which have mentioned below:

  • This error may occur when you are rebooting your system
  • Incompatible connection with TiVo box
  • Ethernet connection is not supporting
  • Rupture condition of TiVo Box
  • Excess of caches in your browser history

Symptoms of Virgin Media Error C501

  1. Functions of TiVo box are getting slower
  2. Deletion of recordings without any notification
  3. Appearance of blur images on the screen
  4. Continuous occurrence of this error

Steps to Fix Virgin Media Error C501

  • Check your Ethernet connection
  • Clear all the caches in the history of your browser
  • Replace your TiVo box
  • Reset the settings of your TiVo box by pressing button at the top of the remote
  • Then go to the settings and messages > settings > network > connect

These are a few steps which will help you in fixing this problem on your own or you can dial our toll-free Virgin Media Email Customer Support Number anytime.