How to Fix Virgin Media Error a01?

Virgin Media is great, fast and reliable broadband but their TVs receive some technical issues in terms of errors such as Virgin Media Error c133 or Virgin Media Error c130. Virgin Media Error a01 is one of those issues which may occur while installing, uninstalling or updating TiVo Box, and broadcasting new channels on your TV.

Issues appear in TiVo Box are

Visibility issues: Picture quality is not clear. Users may get to see images in circle on TiVo Box. that problem is related to error a01.

Temporary suspension: Your TiVo Box get temporary suspended. You may not able to use the services of your box properly for a short period.

Misconfiguration of system: This Virgin Media Error can misconfigure your system such as PC, and laptop. It can create problem in registering errors within your operating system.

Affect the performance of system: The performance of your personal computer and laptop may get slow when this issue appear. Your system gets crashed and locked up. It can also get freeze.

TiVo Box may get not started: Your TiVo Box may stop working when you connect it with TV. As a result, you would not be able to run the function of it properly such as changing of channels.

OD Data problems: You may not able to see the OD content or HD pictures on your TiVo Box during the peak hours for sometimes.

Causes of Virgin Media Error a01

There are many reasons for the appearance of Virgin Media Error a01 in your TiVo Box due to which you have to face a lot of problems and difficulties. These causes are mentioned below.

  • Installing and uninstalling of TiVo Box. In this process your favorite TV program may get lost or deleted.
  • Updating and upgrading the configuration of your account.
  • Entrance of malware software such as adware, spyware, and viruses
  • You can get the Ethernet problems
  • Old modem issues

Steps to Fix Virgin Media Error a01

  1. Install new TiVo Box with our best customer care support.
  2. Renew your subscription and membership with us.
  3. Update your system with guaranteed tech support.

virgin media error a01

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