How to Fix McAfee Error Code 1603?

McAfee Error Code 1603 is the McAfee antivirus error occurred while downloading McAfee Antivirus. Here, the environment is that of McAfee Agent version 4.6 and 4.5 where it is common McAfee antivirus error 1603 occur. The McAfee error usually occurs while installation process is executed. The software at that time fails to perform the installation process.

McAfee Error Code 1603

According to the study confirmed by McAfee Installation Support experts it is found that both the upgrade as well as the installation process attempts to fail, whether they are attempted by a local or an ePO deployment task. Sometimes, this may even happen that affected users find it difficult to manually eradicate the McAfee Agent.

Nevertheless, eradicating the agent does not at all resolve the trouble entirely. And this is due to the subsequent installation attempts that go unsuccessful.

Steps to fix the McAfee Error Code 1603

Step 1: MSI cleanup application
  • To get over all the broken MSI registration for MA. An MSI cleanup application is necessary for users to bring it in use. as advised by McAfee Antivirus technical support
  • The MA entry must be erased completely from the MSI database which is located client side system.
Step 2: Escalation tool
  • The other way is simply to work with an escalation tool to remove all the broken MSI registration process for MA.
  • This tool is well suggested to users for immediate correction and should not be incorporated in the building system of the MA.
    Step 3: Calling a technician

Nevertheless, the most effective way to resolve the McAfee error code 1603 is also to get in touch with expert technicians instantly.

McAfee Support number

Well, issues of McAfee have been resolved completely. But we still suggest you to approach our McAfee Customer Support department to assist you in overcoming with difficult to difficult issues instantly.