How to fix Avast Error 0x800ccc67?

Avast error 0x800ccc67 is the error label that contains the important points of the error, including why it appeared, which system element or software malfunctioned to lead to this error along with some other information. This Avast antivirus error show “Windows Update in Windows 7 won’t update. Error Code 0x800ccc67 Avast.

Causes of Avast Error 0x800ccc67

  • Get Avast error 0x800ccc67 may be different, including virus invasion
  • wrong registry entries
  • internet not connected
  • not be able to update service automatically
  • installing of bad software or apps
  • vital dll documents or registry files missing or crashed
  • pirated software
  • memory not compatible
  • system instability
  • software conflicts and so on

Steps to fix Avast Error 0x800ccc67

Method 1:

The easiest and most effective way to resolve the problem is to close the anti-virus software and firewall after the re-install, of course, there will be special circumstances.In these conditions, we can follow the steps below:

  1. Set a non-empty password for the current system’s account.
    Open the “Start” menu, enter “, click “Run” button, type in control userpasswords2
  2. and press the Enter key.
  3. Cancel the “To use the computer, the user must enter the user name and password”
  4. before the hook, then click OK.

Method 2:

  • Turn off the firewall and antivirus software
  • Reinstall the program
  • Enter safe mode
  • Log in as administrator, and click Start, then please click Execute, and please click cmd
  • Please type in “secedit / configure / cfg% windir% \ repair \ secsetup.inf / db secsetup.sdb / verbose”(without the quote)
  • Restart the computer
  • Clear all internet records, system garbage folders and browser cache files
    Upgrade the software.

Avast Error 0x800ccc67

After following the above method, your issues will be solved. If facing any kind of problem, just connect our technical support department to solve the issues. To do this call Avast Customer Support number for help.